The Elephant in the Room…

So you find out your pregnant, excited? Maybe not? Both are very valid feelings. It takes time to get over the initial shock. Sometimes, the shock doesn’t go away until you hear the first cry. That’s how it was for me, anyways.

Alright, so 9 months go by. In those 9 months the most popular question has crossed your mind many times. Are you going to be a SAHM(stay-at-home-mom)?

Congrats! Your baby is here. Everything is really rough at first, from your first pee/poop, trying to get baby to latch, not getting any sleep. You get the jist. But good news! You decided to stay at home with your baby, ya know the absolute DREAM right? Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room…

What no one seems to tell you about being a SAHM, is the SAHM depression. But Alysea, how does one get depressed being a SAHM? I’d rather take care of my baby all day then go to work. That’s what I thought too, who would hate being a SAHM? I get to be home with my babies all day, I should be grateful right?

Little did I know being a SAHM isn’t everything I thought it would be. I didn’t realize these same 4 walls is all I would see everyday. I didn’t know my only face to face interaction would be with the cashier at the grocery store. My husband, family and friends work. Of course I try to get out with the kids to the park if it’s nice out. But sometimes kids have bad days too and don’t always want to go outside. It’s the same thing every single day, the same routine every single day. I have never been so excited to take a shower when my husband gets home from work. You know why? That’s my alone time. Peace and quiet, knowing the kids are being taken care of.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my kids. But damn, what about me? My identity didn’t disappear just because I had kids, but sometimes it sure feels like it does. Being a SAHM is hard, but daycare is just so EXPENSIVE that it’s pointless to go back to work.

I urge you, if you’re feeling depressed, please reach out to someone. You need to take care of yourself too.


2 thoughts on “The Elephant in the Room…”

  1. GIRL!!!!! I love staying home taking care of Kelsi but the depression is REAL . Now it’s not all the time. It seems to kick in when my bf sees that I “have it all” & he just does his own thing. Now he helps but because I do it all he don’t feel he needs to jump. When I need things from the store he wants us to go together or for him to go out even better , take the baby with you. I love my baby & will take her wherever with me. But going out , OUTSIDE of the house is amazing. We get into arguments where he says ” im sorry you got pregnant . I didn’t think you would complain about being able to stay home all day long ” 🤣 I said one day to him . You wanna switch? How about you be a SAHD & let me work & see how it is! YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND til you live the life everyday . He’s gotten better with us going places & him keeping the baby & telling me to go where I want to have time away. You’re telling the truth tho. If you’re depressed , TALK TO SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS!

  2. Preach it lady. I’ve been the working mom and the SAHM and they both have their drawbacks. Depression is the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. Kudos for you and your candor.

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